Symbiosis Investments markets it’s carbon credits.

Growing trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis and carbon is stored in its roots, trunk and branches.

Trees grow and eventually die, decompose and the carbon is returned to the atmosphere, approximately half of the dry weight of a tree is carbon.

However, if the trees are turned into wood products like flooring, window frames and others, the carbon remains stored in the product.

Compared to other products for construction such as steel, aluminum and cement, the production of forest products leaves a very small carbon footprint.

When one takes into account that the carbon remains stored in our products, and the expansion of our plantations onto land previously used for livestock, we are not just maintaining equilibrium - we are taking extra carbon out of the atmosphere and having a positive effect on climate change.

Our differential is that since our core business is timber, the investor is assured that our trees will have the necessary maintenance to grow to become a forest and deliver the carbon credits.