We’re a Brazilian private owned investment and operational company, focused on setting a new benchmark for the timber industry.

We control and manage the complete cycle of production, from the selection of tree species, mother trees, seed, seedling, sapling, young tree and forest management, up to the final consumer product.

Every tree planted in our farms is carefully selected following a rigorous genetic process in order to produce high quality wood.

For our commercial plantations, we selected thirty species occurring in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. For each one of these species, the seed collecting process involves selecting sixty mother trees for the selected species from different geographical location assuring genetic variability. This ensures a healthy genetically future production of seeds and the opportunity to established a “ex situ” genetic reserve of each one of the selected species.

By using native species, we ensure maximum growth rate and optimum adaptability to the environment.

In the formation of the commercial stands, different consortia are used with those thirty species and always interspersed with nitrogen fixing herbaceous and shrub legumes. These consortia, deliver benefits to the system, offer different colors and textures of the wood spectrum, diversify the risk in marketing, minimize the effects of tropical monocultures and provide a positive impact on biodiversity.

The trees species used are the most sought after Brazilian timber, some of them no longer commercially available. It established the opportunity of a come back of these products in a sustainable manner.

Our legal natural reserves and permanent protection areas are in compliance or exceed municipal, state and federal legislation.

In these areas of restoration we used more than one hundred and sixty different Atlantic Forest tree species, which not only facilitate the return of ecosystem functions, it promotes the recovery of biodiversity.

The dominant previous land use in our farms was livestock farm. Based on this characteristic, we conduct flora and fauna inventories followed by monitoring, to qualify and quantify the biodiversity occurring in our forestry farms.