Bruno Mariani

Business Administration graduate from Universidade Candido Mendes - Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, and executive MBA programs at Wharton University of Pennsylvania and IMD - International Institute for Management Development, Switzerland.

Worked for 20 years at Banco BBM SA, a partner and executive director for the last 10 years. He was responsible for the International department and Asset Management department, and president of BBM Investmentos LTDA, BBM Bank (Nassau) and BBM Securities (New York) where he worked and lived for eight years. He renounced executive function in 2006 but remains a shareholder at BBM Group.

ANBID – National Association of Investment Banks, was Vice –President of the Ethical Standards Committee between 2003 and 2005.

In 2007 he participated as one of the donors of the project " Yoreka Atame School (Knowledge of the Forest)" with the Ashaninka Association of Rio Amônia – APIWTXA in Acre, Brazil.

In 2008 he conceived and founded Symbiosis Investimentos LTDA. In 2009 eight new partners joined the capital of the company. In 2010 the first Symbiosis farm was acquired in the Trancoso district, south of Bahia State, Brazil. He is a founding partner and the CEO of Symbiosis Investimentos e Participações Ltda.

In 2010 became member of the Deliberative board of Funbio – Brazilian Fund for Biodiversity- and in 2012 was elected Chairman of the Board.

With experience in domestic and international financial market, his objective is to make sustainability a profitable investment.

Renato Moraes de Jesus

Forest Engineer graduated from the Federal Rural University of Rio de January, and doctorate in Ecology from Unicamp in Campinas –SP-Brazil.

Worked in the RADAM Project in surveys of natural resources in the Amazon region.

Currently, and for the last two years, he is the Technical and Operational Director of Symbiosis Investmentos e Participações Ltda.

For 32 years he was responsible for the Reserva Natural Vale in Linhares -ES-Brazil, where he developed and implemented research projects in: Tropical Silviculture, Preservation and Conservation of Tropical Ecosystems, Recovery of Degraded areas, Ecology of Wildlife, Landscape Recovery and Environmental Education.

In all these segments, he has published numerous technical scientific papers.

At the same time he was the Technical and Operational Director of Instituto Ambiental Vale for 10 years and also the General Manager of Biodiversity for Vale S.A.

For ten years, was the Environment Director of the Instituto Terra.